Where is your office located?   anxiety, depression, stress, marriage,therapy
  I am a therapist at Counseling & Consulting Associates of North Texas. The offices
of CCA are located in McKinney, Texas at 2750 W. Virginia Pkwy, Suite 104.  
McKinney, TX 75071.

  How much do you charge ?
  For counseling services at CCA, the initial session’s fee is $160.00.
  Fees for following sessions are $135.00 per session.  In some cases, individuals  
may need assistance but cannot afford this rate. Please contact our office to discuss
your unique situation.

  CCA therapists are on most insurance panels, and we will file insurance   
claims for those companies with which we are contracted. Call our office for
assistance in knowing which therapists are available on your insurance
plan.  CCA also accepts cash, checks, and most major credit cards.
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dallas, TX
  How do I get started?
  Call the office of CCA at  (972) 542-8144 to request an assessment or appointment
with me. Please call to cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance or you will
be charged for the missed appointment. Clients are responsible for payment for
missed appointments; insurance will not pay for late cancellations or missed

  You may also call me directly at 469-235-3123 if you have questions about
counseling or other questions and/or concerns.

  How long will I be in counseling?
  You can affect change in your life in as little as 6 weeks, depending on what issues
and problems you bring to counseling.  However, counseling can last from 6 weeks
to more than 2 years, depending on the complexity  of your concerns and the level of
dedication you have to making real changes in your life.

  I feel uneasy about discussing personal issues with a stranger!!
  Making that first call can be difficult. You may feel anxious, embarrassed, or    
discouraged.  However, it may help you to know that  by being a counselor and not a
friend or family member it is actually easier for me to help you.  Sometimes, friends
or family members can be biased and subjective in their attempt to help. A good  
counselor is objective, non-judgmental and creates a warm and accepting
environment  in which you can relax, begin to trust, and address your issues in safety.

  What about confidentiality?
  I cannot disclose any of our discussions to anyone without your consent.  Everything
you say in counseling is confidential, unless I am required, by law, to break
confidentiality to protect you or somebody else from harm.  If you have questions
about confidentiality or its limits we can discuss them during your first session.

Becki A. Hein, MS, LPC
Counseling & Consulting
Associates of North Texas

2750 W. Virginia PKWY,
Suite 10
McKinney, TX 75071

Call me directly at
469-235-3123 if you have any
other questions and/or
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