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     Have you experienced five or
more of these symptoms for two
weeks or longer?:

   Do you feel sad, anxious,
irritable, or “empty”, or do you
cry a lot?

   Have you lost interest or pleasure
in activities you used to enjoy,
including sex?

   Do you feel guilty, worthless,
helpless, or hopeless?

   Have you been sleeping too
much, or have you not been able
to fall asleep or stay asleep?

   Have you lost your appetite and
lost weight or have you been
eating too much and gained

   Do you feel very tired or slowed   

   Are you thinking about death or

   Are you having trouble paying
      attention and making decisions?

  Are you having aches and pains that
    don’t get better with treatment?

  Eat balanced meals and healthy food.

  Exercise every day to make yourself
     feel better and to get more energy.

  Start a journal in which you write
every night about the things for
which you are thankful, even if they
are very small things at first.

  Reach out for contact; stay in touch  
     with loved ones and friends.

  Get as much information as you can  
     about depression and its treatment.

  Take your medicine and/or go to  
     counseling.  Your medicine won’t
work if you only take it once in a
while and consistent help and
support from your therapist will help
you to change your thinking and
your mood.

  Learn to recognize and change
negative thinking.

  Be patient with yourself, don’t give

  Don’t make major life decisions (for
     example about separation or
divorce).  You may not be thinking
clearly right now.

  Call your doctor or the local suicide
crisis center right away if you start
thinking about suicide.

  Believe that there is hope and that
you CAN feel better.
                                    More About Depression

     Life can be very stressful and everyone occasionally feel irritable or   
     "blue".  But these feelings are usually short-lived and pass within a couple of  
If you find yourself feeling “down” and unable to function for weeks or
     months at a time, you could be suffering from  clinical depression.

     Many people with a depressive illness never seek treatment. But the majority,  
     even those with the most severe depression, can get better with treatment.
     Psychotherapy and/or medication can be very effective treatments for people
     suffering from depression.
   IMPORTANT: If you think you may be suffering from depression, then it is
important for you to take these steps:

  •  Visit your doctor. If you are suffering from symptoms of depression, the best place
    to start is a visit to your family physician.  Your doctor symptoms are due to
    depression, some other medical condition, or both.

  •  Start treatment. Usually, depression is treated with psychotherapy and/or

   Several types of psychotherapy can help people with depression. Two main types of
psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and interpersonal therapy (IPT), have
been shown to be effective in treating  depression.  For mild to moderate
depression, psychotherapy may be the best treatment option.  Studies  show that a   
combination of psychotherapy and medication often works best for treating  depression.

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