"I believe that most people could benefit from some type of outside,
help at some time in their life.  Having the help of an
experienced guide canhelp people achieve the happiness, peace, and
contentment that may seem so out
of reach.  Counseling is for people
who are needing extra support, guidance,
education, and compassion in
order to overcome the difficulties they are dealing
"I know what a relief it can be to find a counselor who can relate to you
understand you.   I would be honored to be your guide."  
 --Becki A. Hein

For over 10 years, I have enjoyed working with individuals,
couples, and groups in such diverse settings as a  
community college counseling center, a non-profit agency,
and an outpatient treatment center.  Areas of counseling
include anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, grief work,
anger, motherhood issues, rejection, fear, conflict, guilt,
loneliness, thought life, and habits.
counselor therapist,
I received a Master of Science degree in Counseling from
the University of North Texas. I am a Licensed Professional
Counselor (License #19567) and a National Certified  
Counselor  (NCC #72902).

In sessions, I may use Cognitive Behavioral therapy,
and/or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques,
along with other appropriate, effective therapies to help     
clients set and meet realistic, achievable goals.

I look forward to serving individuals and couples in the Allen, McKinney, Frisco,    
Plano, North Metroplex area.  My desire is to help clients achieve the
change they need to experience peace, happiness, and success in their lives.
Start growing toward your
goals today.

Becki A. Hein, MS, LPC
Counseling & Consulting
Associates of North Texas
2750 W. Virginia Pkwy,
Suite 108
McKinney, TX

Office convenient to:
Allen, McKinney, Frisco,
Plano, Prosper, Celina, and
the greater Collin County
Stop  worrying...Start living !!

Becki A. Hein, MS, LPC
Counseling & Consulting
Associates of North Texas

2750 W. Virginia PKWY,
Suite 10
McKinney, TX 75071

Call me directly at
469-235-3123 if you have
questions and/or concerns
about counseling and I'd be
happy to speak with you.
It can be a confusing, sometimes overwhelming task to choose a counselor.  Your're
for someone who you can feel understands you, someone you can trust with
your deepest,  most personal thoughts and issues. You’re wanting someone who is
knowledgeable and  experienced enough to help guide you to better days. Should you
choose me as your  counselor, you have my promise that I will do everything in my
power to be fully present  and attentive to you and your needs at every session. This
includes starting and ending
sessions on time and keeping  myself updated on the
most current and effective counseling
methods.  You have my total respect and non-
judgmental acceptance, no matter what your issues are or where you are on your path
through life.  

I believe everyone can learn to transform the suffering in their lives into peace,
and fulfillment.  I’d love to have the chance to help guide you through the